Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My MVP Valentine (Twdrama)


Title: MVP 情人 / MVP Qing Ren
Also Known As: My MVP Valentine
Subtitles: English Hardsubbed
Genre: Basketball, Romance
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network:
Broadcast year: 2002


Tony Sun as Liu Hua/William (Prince)
Yan Xing Shu as Duan Chen Feng (Liu Chuan Feng from Slam Dunk)
Angela Zhang as Tian Yu Xi/Xiao Xi
Margaret Lin as Ming Juan/Angel
David Chen as Ming An (Iceman)

In this drama based on basketball (and somewhat on the anime Slam Dunk), a Taiwanese national team basketballer, Yan Xing Shu plays the lead Duan Chen Feng, whose world consists of his 2 greatest loves: basketball and his girlfriend, Xiao Xi (Angela Zhang). They find their perfect world shattered, however, when on the day of his most important match, Duan Chen Feng has an accident on his way to the competition, and paralyses Angel (Margaret Lin), who just happens to be the sister of Iceman (David Chen), his biggest opponent since they were young. To shoulder his responsibilty, Chen Feng leaves school and his basketball so that he can take care of Angel. Xiaoxi, who does not know the reason behind Chen Feng's leaving school and giving up his beloved basketball, is heartbroken and bewildered. At about the same time, the other lead male character Tai Zi, or Prince (Tony Sun of 5566), enters the plot. He falls in love with Xiao Xi's plucky and determined character.chen feng's gentleness to angel causes angel to have feelings for him....how complicated can this love triangle be?


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My MVP Valentine

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Drama Information: Wiki D-Addicts
DDL: Twdramafanatic Ep 1~19 Nay Ep 20~ 28
Subs: JEM
OST: Unknown Uploader


Chiara said...

I'm so glad you've decided to upload this drama. I've been looking for it everywhere and I'm really happy to discover it here. I've only seen the first 10 episodes because they were the only ones I was able to find some time ago and it seems a great drama so a big thanks to you. ^^

Twdramafanatic said...

thank you.. I have been looking for this drama too but couldn't find it... one day a friend sent it to me... so I decided to upload it for everyone... alot of people are trying to have people seed the torrent but that's not going to happen so direct download will be way faster

Kitty said...

I want to give you a thanks for deciding on uploading this series. So far I've only been able on getting up to episode 11, and I've been trying to get the rest for several weeks already. So I'm very grateful if you manage to upload the whole series. I will have patient and wait. Thank you again! :)

Anonymous said...

thx for your upload....

when will u upload the following episodes?

i'm getting curious...

Twdramafanatic said...

Gomen I haven't had the time to upload I will upload definitely soon

Anonymous said...

thx for uploading ep 8


Anonymous said...

Where's episode 9 and the following?

You say one episode per two days...


Fahrenheit_lover said...

Anonymous- Twdramafanatic is a busy person... she doesn't haven't to upload this but she chooses too... please be patient it takes a long time to upload and stuff... she also is working on other things... she has a life you know too

Anonymous said...

she doesn't haven't to... -> she doesn't have to... :)


Anonymous said...

thx for uploading ep 9

sorry for being impatient....


EoN said...

Thanks for uploading this drama!!! Been trying to finish this series for the last 5 years :) Am down to epi 23-25. Will wait patiently for the direct download. At least now I am sure that I will be able to finish this series soon. hehehehe

Jia yo!

Angela Fan From Australia! said...

Thanks for uploading. I hope you can find time to upload the rest of the series. I've been waiting for someone to reupload this for ages. :)

Anonymous said...

the best drama eva~ thanks for uploading.. :D

chloe said...
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Lya said...

thank you for sharing this dorama...i've been looking for this dorama.^^

Almafaza 30 said...

thank's for your shae..
a've been looking for this drama

Almafaza 30 said...

may i ask this video againt...

thank's for all

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

finally i found this serial....is it completed? thanks for the uploader

Anonymous said...

I've been longing to watch this again. Thanks for sharing. :)

aozora said...

aaaah *screamed
really really thank u that u've uploading this drama
i've been looking this drama for so loong time
big thanks to u ^^

Anonymous said...

Love the show.. Thx.. :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this drama

Anonymous said...


nensi suyanti said...

Thank U so much for uploading this drama.. :)
I love it <3

Anonymous said...

can upload the videos in megaupload? :O i can't download rapidshare. please? D:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for uploading this drama ... =3

CK wardhani said...

Please, the link download for many files in Rapidshare do not exist. Could you change it? Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

i think we have a same problem,, files in rapid share do not exist,, please check it,, thank you

fathir said...

thank you so much for uploading..
i really like this movie ..

btw, why i can't open the part 2-4 every episode ???

Cepi said...

Episode 11...
File not found...

Anonymous said...

alot of episode not found. pls upload it again. thanks

Anonymous said...

episode 4 not found. upload pls

XanXan_Sandra said...

most love love itt !!!

T_X said...

thanks for uploading this one.. I love this drama so much... but, can you reupload this drama since megaupload are closed due issue??? thanks so much