Friday, August 15, 2008

(Kpop) Big Bang Discography

Big Bang is MY FAVOURITE Korean Group of all times... Their music is hot!! They are also not so bad looking!! Give them a try if you haven't yet...

Listen to: Haru Haru (Day After Day), La La La, Lies, Always, Last Farewell

(Password: Twdramaf or Twdrama)
[if password does not work please email me or try it out twdramaf or twdrama]
Album: Vol. 1 Since 2007
Released: 2008-09-05

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01 . Intro (Big Bang)
02 . She Can’t Get Enough
03 . Dirty Cash (Title Song)
04 . 다음날 (승리 solo)
05 . BIG BOY (T.O.P solo)
06 . 흔들어
07 . 눈물뿐인 바보
08 . My Girl (태양 solo)
09 . La la la
10 . This Love (G-Dragon solo)
11 . 웃어본다 (대성 solo )
Album: Always
Released: 2008-09-04

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01 . 우린 빅뱅 Intro
02 . 거짓말 Lies
03 . 없는 번호
04 . 아무렇지 않은 척 TOP Solo - Featuring. 지은
05 . Oh Ma Baby
06 . Always
Album: Hot Issue
Released: 2007-11-26

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01 . intro - 핫 이슈 (hot issue)
02 . 바보
03 . But I love U (SAMPLING BY Rhu of Redd Holt Unlimited)
06 . 마지막 인사

Stand Up
Released: 2008-08-11

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01 . Intro (Stand Up)
02 . 하루 하루 Day After Day
03 . 천국 Heaven
04 . 착한 사람 A Good Man
05 . Lady
06 . Oh My Friend
Album: For The World

Released: 2008-01-04

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01 VIP (Intro)
02 Big Bang
03 Lies
04 How Gee
05 So Beautiful
06 La La la
07 Together Forever
08 Always

Album: With U
Released: 2008-05-28

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01 Intro
02 With U(新曲)
03 Last Farewell
04 This Love
05 Mad About You
06 We Belong Together
07 Shake It
08 My Girl (Japanese Version)

Album: Number 1
Released: 2008-10-22

Support The Artist-> Big Bang Number 1

01 Intro
02 Number 1
03 Make Love
04 Remember
05 All About The G's

07 Heaven
08 Haru Haru
09 Always
10 With You
11 So Beautiful
12 How Gee
13 Baby Baby


Goodbye Baby
Forever With You (ft. Park Bom)
We Belong Together
G-Dragon - Look Only At Me Pt 2
Haru Haru Day After Day MV

Big Bang

Big Bang- Number 1 MV

Big Bang- V.I.P.


Anonymous said...

uhm, im not sure if there's a problem for the other albums since i haven't downloaded them yet, but for the first on this page, the password:Twdramaf does not work. I copy and pasted it and typed it out and it still does not work. I'd appreciate it if the password could be given ><

Anonymous said...

this is the same person as above, the album "always" works fine with that passsword(thank you for the link). ill proceed to download the rest, though one of them, a mediafire link, it needs a password too.

Ho_Lee_Chow said...

LOLL i had to research you just to get the right password LOLL
asianload forums wasn't so clear about your password and only provided the first one... but not the Twdrama <---- with the T CAPS LOL =p
but thanks for uploading for us =)

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I'm also having trouble with the passwords :/ Tried all of them, but no one works :/
I would really appreciate if you would help me:)
Anyway thanks for uploading:)

Anonymous said...

err...I can't download the entire album "number 1"...><
only like 3 songs :(

theadmiraljn said...

Passwords will not work for any of the albums for me. ) : Also, only three songs from Number 1 are available.

I would really appreciate help because I've been trying to find this music for a long time, and am so glad to have finally found it on your site, so thank you very much for sharing!

Fahrenheit_lover said...

theadmiraljn- did you try the passwords we suggested... if not try all four and then if it still doesn't work then just tell us which album it is....